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Cookies and Privacy Policy




Thanks for your interest in the BORDEX Project and welcome to At BORDEX, we respect your privacy and recognise your need for appropriate protection and management of any personally identifiable information we may gather from you (“personal information”). This notice describes our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and disclosing the data we may automatically collect about you or that you may voluntarily provide to us via our website, social media channels, e-mails, as well as other offline activities and communications.


This website is intended for users based on the Island of Ireland, and this notice describes the terms of use pertaining to such users, including the rights that citizens of the UK and Europe have in relation to Personal Information as outlined under the UK Data and Protection Act 2018 (DPA), Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications Amendments 2019 (UK GDPR), and EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


If you are a citizen of the EU, this notice also describes the rights you have to your Personal Information as outlined under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


By visiting our website or interacting with us, you accept and consent without limitation to the following terms, conditions, disclaimers, and privacy policies.


Project name: BORDEX

Address: TU Dublin, Park House, 191 North Circular Road, Grangegorman, D07EWV4, Ireland


Please refer to TU Dublin's privacy policy: 



General Statement

This document relates to the main website of BORDEX, Within the BORDEX website you may find links to other third party websites for which the University does not have editorial responsibility or control. We ask visitors to consult the privacy statement of individual sites or contact the persons responsible for those sites, in order to understand the policies and practices under which they operate.

BORDEX fully respects your right to privacy and actively seeks to preserve the privacy rights of those who share information with the Project. With the exception of the IP address you use to access our website, we will not collect any other personal information about you on this website without your permission and any information which you volunteer to BORDEX will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality in accordance with Data Protection legislation. Your IP address may be used for the purposes of evaluating your use of the website and to improve our website service to you. It is stored and used in the aggregate only and is not used to obtain personal data or to contact you personally. (See the ‘How does TU Dublin use cookies, including third party cookies?’ document)

Information on internet traffic is collected routinely by TU Dublin and its service providers. This technical information is used to ensure the smooth running of the TU Dublin computer network and for statistical or administrative purposes. (See the ‘Third party cookies’ section of this document)


Data Subject Rights

Individuals have a number of specific rights under data protection law to keep them informed and in control of the processing of their personal data.

What are your rights under Data Protection Law?

You have the following rights, subject to certain exemptions, in relation to your personal data: the right to information, access, portability, erasure, rectification, object to processing, restriction of processing concerning the data subject, withdraw consent, complain to the Data Protection Commissioner. Please see the explanation on TU Dublin's website for further information.

Information provided to data subjects when these rights are exercised must be transparent, understandable and easily accessible, using clear and plain language. The information should be provided in writing, or other means, including, where appropriate, electronically. When requested by the data subject, the information may be provided orally, provided that the identity of the data subject is clear or can be proven.

Data access.

You have the right to know if we collect your personal data, how we obtain any data, where we store it, how we handle it, and how we may use it. You also have the right to view, amend, restrict, or delete any of your personal information that we may collect or hold.


To request access to your data, please email us. We will provide the information to you. If the request is unfounded, excessive, or you cannot first prove your identity, we reserve the right to refuse.



When you enter our website or actively submit information via email, we will ask you to accept our policy regarding the use of cookies and we will ask for your permission to collect information about you. In certain cases where appropriate, we will ask you to check a box to provide your consent.



If any of the information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you may ask us to correct or complete it at any time.



You have the right to ask us to stop processing your data. Upon receiving your request, we will either confirm or inform you if we have legitimate grounds to continue. If we stop processing your data, we may continue to hold it to comply with your other rights.


You have the right to request that decisions concerning you or significantly affecting you based on automated data processing be made by humans, and not solely by computers. You also have the right in this case to object to and contest any such decisions.



At your discretion, you can request us to completely delete your personal information from our system. Once we have received and processed your request, we will confirm whether the data has been deleted or explain why it cannot be deleted.


Please be aware that deleting your data record is total and irreversible. This means that if we remove you, we will lose record of you ever having been in our system, including any previous instructions you may have given us to opt out of specific email types. If you rejoin our systems by voluntarily providing your personal information again, you will appear to us as a completely new data subject and you would need to reset your opt-in preferences. Removal does not affect your other rights in any way.

In order to exercise any of the above rights please contact us using the contact details set out below.

This Privacy Statement should not be construed as a contractual undertaking. BORDEX and the University reserve the right to review and amend this statement at any time without notice and you should therefore re-visit this webpage from time to time.

Further Information and Contact Details

Further information on your data privacy rights is available on the website of the Data Protection Commissioner

Any queries or concerns you may have about the processing of personal information on this website should be addressed to:

Data Protection Officer

Registered Address: TU Dublin, Park House, 191 North Circular Road, Grangegorman, D07EWV4, Ireland

Contact us by Email



We collect certain types of data either with your consent or by automatic methods described below (see sections 2, 3, and 4). The primary and legitimate purposes of this data collection are to provide you with the specific services you may request, to customise and enhance your experience while on our website, and/or to improve the content and relevance of our website.


Information we may collect automatically.

We may collect non-personally identifiable data about you whenever you interact with our website or social media channels via cookies, server logs, and other automated technologies. See the “Automatic Data Collection & Cookies” section below.


Non-personal data may include technical information about your Internet Protocol (IP) address, computer platform and operating system, browser type and version, browser plug-in types and versions, location and time zone data, usage patterns of our website, and the internet address of the website from which you may have linked to our website.





We may process and use your data to customise your experience on our website, communicate with you, or to fulfill the purposes for which you provided the data or that were described when the data was collected.


Examples of how we may use the personal data we collect include:

  • Respond to any inquiries/requests/questions we may receive.

  • Ensure that we present our website content in the most effective manner for you, your computer, and your preferences.

  • Administer our website and conduct internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, statistical analysis, site behaviour analysis, testing, security, and fraud detection.

  • Improve our website, services, or client relationships and experiences.




We may use several types of cookies and other automated data collection technologies on our website, intended to enhance your online experience with us or to allow us to analyse how our website is being used and how we might improve the relevance of our website content.


A cookie is a small text file that may be stored on your computer or mobile device that contains data related to a website you visit. It may allow a website “remember” your actions or preferences over a period of time, or it may contain data related to the function or delivery of the site. Cookies can be set by the owner of the website or in some cases by third-party services the website owner allows to present other information, run content or provide other functionality such as analytics.

Further information on cookies can be found at:

We use cookies to help improve your experience on our site. We use cookies for functionality. BORDEX does not currently use analytics to track the number of visits to our site or the journey of visitors through the site, but retains the right to do so at a future date, in which case our privacy information will be updated.

We use Wix to host our site. Wix uses cookies to:

  • To provide a great experience for your visitors and customers.

  • To identify your registered members (users who registered to your site).

  • To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and effectiveness of Wix's platform.

  • To ensure our platform is secure and safe to use.


Please view Wix's policy for more information and to learn about the types of cookies it uses. 



Cookie Types


Session Cookies – These are temporary cookies that only exist during the period in which you access our website and are erased when you close your web browser. Session cookies do not collect personal information but help our website remember information you have entered and track movement within the website, thereby avoiding the need to re-enter information.


Persistent Cookies – These are cookies that remain on your device after you have visited our website. These cookies help us to identify you as a unique visitor by storing a randomly generated number. The length of time a cookie will remain on your device will depend on the type of cookie. On our website, these cookies do not contain personal information, and cannot be used to identify you.


Google Analytics Cookies – Google Analytics cookies can be used to collect information about how visitors use our website. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website, how visitors have come to the website, and the pages they have visited. Google stores the information collected. For more information about how Google may process or use the information, please read the Google Privacy Policy. We do not currently use analytics cookies.


For further information about cookies, please see and

Third Party Cookies

Our site, like most websites, includes functionality provided by third parties. A common example is an embedded Twitter thread or an embedded google map. For example, when you visit a page with content embedded from, Google, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook, these service providers may set their own cookies on your web browser. For example, Twitter sets cookies via our website if “tweet” one of the posts on our site.

We may embed videos from YouTube across our site. When you watch these videos on our website, YouTube may store cookies used for a range of purposes. For more information visit YouTube/Google Privacy information

Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) functionality has been implemented on the website for the in-page search box. The Google CSE may deliver cookies. The CSE is covered by the Google Privacy Policy

As these are third party providers, we do not control the use of these cookies and cannot access them. You should check the third party websites for more information about these cookies. Disabling these cookies will likely break the functionality offered by these third parties.

Please note that because this website is hosted by Wix, who may collect and store users-of-users’ data as a “Processor,” users are encouraged to visit Wix’s privacy policy for further information.


BORDEX may change the terms of this Privacy Policy & Legal Information page from time to time and without prior notice to reflect our policies and/or adherence to relevant regulations. You should check this page occasionally to ensure that you are aware of the most recent version that will apply each time you access our website.


Latest edition: 1 March 2023





The BORDEX website is provided “as-is” for your personal, non-commercial use. BORDEX, our affiliates, and our agents reserve the right to alter the content of our website in any way, at any time and for any reason, without prior notification, and will not be liable in any way for: 1) possible consequences of such changes; 2) inaccuracies, typographical errors, omissions, or forward-looking statements in the content of our website; or 3) any damages of any kind resulting from the use of this website, as permissible by law.


The entire content of the website, including any images or text, is copyrighted. Nothing contained in the website shall confer any license or right under any patent, trademark, or copyright of BORDEX or any third party without specific permission. Any unauthorised use of the content on our website may violate copyright, trademark, and/or privacy laws and is expressly prohibited.


When visiting our website, you agree to not engage in any misconduct or unlawful activity including but not limited to property rights infringement, defamation, libel, obscenity, falsehood, impersonation, unauthorised advertisement, tampering, or security violations.





If you cause a technical disruption of the website or any aspect of its functionality, you agree to be responsible for any and all loss, cost, liability, or expense BORDEX may suffer and will be liable for any attorney’s fees and costs.





The website has been developed to provide general information and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice. Neither BORDEX nor any of our affiliates or agents warrant or make any representations regarding the suitability of the use for any purpose of the services, content, and materials featured on this website or such information contained in any third-party website.


The website may contain links to other third-party websites. Such links are provided for your convenience only, and we do not make any express or implied warranties, endorsements, or approvals of any products, services, advice, or information available from such websites.


This website contains no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind. Rather, this website is provided for general informational purposes only. Any advice or information received through this website or its contents should not be relied upon by the reader for any reason whatsoever.


Information contained in this website is not meant to be a substitute for the advice that may be provided by the reader’s own lawyer, legal professional, healthcare provider or other service provider. The reader should not use any information which may be contained in this website for addressing any legal matters which the reader may have.


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