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Amanda Kramer

Co-Principal Researcher

Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast



27-30 University Square, Queen's University Belfast

Belfast, BT7 1NN

About Amanda

Dr Amanda Kramer is a lecturer in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast. Prior to becoming a lecturer, she was the postdoctoral research fellow on the ESRC funded ‘BrexitLawNI’ project, which examined the consequences of Brexit for Northern Ireland as the UK was in the process of leaving the EU. Amanda completed her PhD in Law at Queen’s University Belfast, her MA in Criminology with the University of Ottawa, and her BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice with Toronto Metropolitan University. 


Her research primarily focuses on two areas. The first examines Brexit; specifically, in relation to the implications for Northern Ireland, as well as broader justice and security cooperation between the UK and the EU. The second surrounds postcolonial theory and its application to international law and institutions. As a criminologist, Amanda is also interested in critical criminology and teaches on a variety of LLM and LLB criminology modules at Queen’s.

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