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Researching Everyday Security and Safety on the Island of Ireland

Learn more about everyday security, our project goals, and our research methods.

The Role of Community Actors in Everyday Security

This project will produce new knowledge on the development and management of (in)security at the local level, investigating community resilience and the role of grass-root institutions in maintaining peace and security. We will create accessible outputs aimed at civil, policy and political actors to inform debate and develop the post-Brexit security field on the Island. 


Our project examines the role of civil society in maintaining 'everyday' security. 

Team Meeting

The project is a collaboration between researchers at TU Dublin and Queen's University Belfast.

Open Book

See our publications and project reports.

Job Interview

Learn how you can participate and contribute to the research.


Help improve our research

Would you like to participate in this project or contribute to the research? Do you have any information you would like to share with us? We want your feedback! Please contact us

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